Over winter break, I was able to go out and visit my brother in Port Orchard (near Seattle), and really got to walk around a bunch. I had been there before, but in a less exploratory way. Pike Market was closed, which was a bummer because I wanted to see fish flying around, but at least got to smell it! I really like Seattle (i’m not a huge city person), and would maybe have a viable future for me if it weren’t so rainy all the time. Luckily, the day we went, the weather was perfect. I got some GREAT photos (I think), it was hard to choose a ‘main’ photo for this post. I really like the bird one, the guy on the guitar, the guy on the piano, etc. The sky was just so vibrant with the lenses (it helped it was such a clear day). It would be fun to walk around the city just to snap photos, as these were mostly photos that I snapped while walking by.