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Kelsi’s Trial

Kelsi and I have worked at Upward Bound together this last year (and for the last 3 summers). I was lucky enough to travel to Foxcroft Academy this academic year with her. Back in October, we took a group of students to VT on some college tours, where she had confessed she had never eaten a poptart before. We were all baffled, and we talked about this for months. So, finally, yesterday, we made a great exchange : I would try beat cake and she would try a poptart. I hate vegetables, so mixing cake and beets together seemed like the original sin. Kelsi did NOT want to try a poptart (it’s too manufactured for her!) We did this at FA because some of the students on the VT trip were there. End result : she didn’t hate it, and I didn’t hate the beet cake! All in all, success?