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A La Marchè

The great thing about Hipstamatic is that it is always right there with you for the moments you could’ve missed if you didn’t have another camera! I believe that is the greatest aspect of mobile photography right now! Such an instance was when Nikita, her family, and I were in Wal Mart and we came across this lovely coconut pulp! Fist of all, this is disgusting (I hate coconut), but that isn’t where the true interest was to be focused. The people who manufacture such a disgusting product is called Thep Padung PORN COCONUT Co. Now that is hilarity! I am sure that porn means something else in Thailand, but it America the thought of porn coconut makes one giggle. I took a few other photos of the area since that is what happens when I bring out the good ole iPhone. Also got a wonderful photo of Lynn holding a bulk amount of tunafish!