P-Town, P-Funk

Yesterday and today was a whole LAND of adventures! Nikita called me up yesterday morning to see what I was doing and to see if I wanted to hang out in Portland (a 2.5 hour drive, though I made it in about 2 hours). With (surprisingly!) little reluctance, I headed out after I did some engagement photos for my friend Michelle!

I always hate driving long distances alone, but with the music blasting (literally, on max volume), I had a fun little dance party up in my car!

I met the Gagains at Local Sprouts (not Brussel Sprouts like I heard over the phone), while they ate, and we then headed off to the “DJ Party on a Boat” that Nikita had invited me too. We got there and the ticket adendant gave us the bad news that that particular excursion was next weekend, but they had tickets for “90s Throwback”, we said “Hell with it, we wanna go on a boat!”. Megan, the attendant liked our sense of adventure. So we were off, but as soon as we stepped on the boat we realized this was NOT the place for us. Basically the crowd was older than us, but acted, dressed, and had a general air that they were a lot younger than us. We were excited that they let us exchange the tickets for the “Peak’s Island” boat (low key for sure). We felt like we let Megan down. Before the new boat took off, Megan met us on the boat and gave us free tickets to George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic. She said she had to work, and it was another option for our adventure! She was basically our personal travel agent.

The boat ride was beautiful. I love being on water, the waves, the sunset, it was basically perfect. We got to Peaks Island and decided to stay until the next boat. I won’t say a lot, but those people are rich, love weddings, and don’t have basic rules (about public drinking, belching, and bathrooms that aren’t sketchy – see some of the photos!) We meandered for a while, got ice cream at a gift shop with two “bright” young ladies scooping. We also went slinking down some dark road looking to get down to the beach, but basically I got caught on a thorn bush and a spider fell on me (not so fun!). After a while, we headed back and arrived at the GC&PF concert (which was right on the pier). The first thing we heard was a complex math equation (square root baby), something about complex numbers, and worm holes (along with some lewd comments!). I think we were the only sober people there, but the funk was still on. It was quite an interesting ensemble (and costumes — which included a demented looking alien with a huge joint). Overall it was a fun little concert with some interesting attendees. Our favorite line from this was “ain’t no party like a P-Funk party cause a P-Funk party don’t stop” (still singing it!)

We went back to the hotel and watched SNL and hit the hay. I never sleep well in hotels so the overnight wasn’t the best, but the morning brought adventures of finding McDonalds, and most importantly geocaching! We met Nikita’s mom at the Civic Center (where a 7,500+ person Jehova Witness conference was happening — photo included), had some subways where they ran out of bread! This was a blessing in disguise because it forced me to get flatbread, which is my new favorite thing ever! We weren’t feeling great after that so we chilled in a small part (photos included), walked around a bit (tried to find a few caches, unsuccessfully), then we got even sicker, found a bathroom, then headed back to Orono.

Basically, it was the best random adventure of all time and included some amazing photos!