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The 1st Mattic

This blog is is basically pretty and interesting photos I take with my iPhone (hipstamatic app). iPhone photography blogs are nothing new by any means, but I thought it would be cool to do a hipstamatic only blog integrating it as a personal photo blog as well as a photography blog. I have exported most of my photos and I am going to retroactively post everything from this past summer on, then continue posting, so be sure to check out everything. The way this is going to work is that some posts will just be a single photo (maybe in a single day, I took one neat photo) or there may be 20 photos in one post (i.e. an event) – so be sure to open the pages (you’ll get the bigger photo at the very least!) of the posts if it sounds / looks like something that may be interesting! This post is of the first photo I took with my hipstamatic – it’s a terrible photo of a purse that was on a table where I work in the summertime. We’ll see how I progress with photography and interesting subjects (the good thing is , it’s all up from this photo!)