Thrifting Around

Mullen and I went out thrift shopping because we were at a loss at what we actually wanted to do. I knew there were some ice trays that I wanted at Goodwill, and it was a nice chance to finally meet Katie instead of awkwardly only kind of knowing her. We started with the Hands of Hope Thrift Store, founds some interesting objects and a lot of really outdated clothing. I found a mirror that may work for my thesis (Amanda then gave me crap for the rest of night asking if buying random stuff and saying it was for my thesis was a way to purchase junk and then justify it! — I say no!). We then went over to Goodwill and met Katie and her friend Kendra. It was a pretty great time especially when a random customer asked everyone if a certain pair of shorts were for a girl or boy (we gave her the gender judgement, generally). After that Kendra told us enough gross stories about Goodwill that I had to make sure to wash my hands when we got to pizza hut after that. Overall, it was an interesting night meeting some neat people and looking at some odd objects.