Winter Fright

Just when you think Winter might be over, you get a crazy freak ice/wind/snow/hail/twilight zone storm in the middle of the night. On this particular night, a friend and I went to the movies and on our way back we were met with a downed tree in the road. He picked the branches out of the road, and when we got back home the parking lot was covered.


Remnants of a Head

For a while, my hair has been super long! (you can see some of that in a few other self-portrait posts), but now I have gotten a haircut, it feels extremely weird, but it was getting in the way of basic visions. Any little bits of white hair is from my cat, you cannot sweet my apartment without getting cat hair in there! Stil a pretty big pile!

A Face in The Wall(et) Feb25

A Face in The Wall(et)

Although the subject of this photo isn't the most intriguing in the world, when I looked down I saw a little robot face. In the photo it's a little harder to digest since it's quite obviously a wallet, but take some time and lose yourself in the image! Other than that, I think the darkness of this photo is really interesting!


Cat Mandoo

Yes, more cat photos.



I have a lot of pillows, period. Most people don't realize what 17 pillows looks like, but here it is! Since I have cleaned my room (when I put this tower up) my pillows are more in a hill formation, but I love having a pillow wherever I may be laying in the middle of the night!

At The Movies

We had went to go see the movie "I am Number Four" (you can skip this film if you want, you won't miss much). I thought i'd see what the app could do in very very low light situations. Came out with some interesting results (using Dali mostly), the above image is of the screen and the others of the side lights. Not the best, but kinda fun looking at in an abstract way.


I’m Famous

Just trying out the new Soho pack. I really like this border, but it's kind of weird at the same time. Just was at my computer so took a shot of my screen at the time.


Sorrowful Fog

I wasn't totally happy with how these photos came out, they were really blurry, but it may have had something to with how intensely-crazy foggy it was. It was thick, which is why I decided to snap a few shots before going into the gym. Only one other time have I ever seen fog so thick (and it was just last month actually!).


Of Electric Means

I was pretty much just really bored, playing with a few new film packs. I like the sort of orangey look that it gives. Basically just my Macbook Pro and my cord to my alarm clock, nothing too fancy.

The Bear’s Den Feb18

The Bear’s Den

Today, we had an awesome lunch at the Bear’s Den. They have the best toasted bagel, chicken salad sandwich of all time! (I also had a brownie that I paid 3.50 for only because I wondered why it was 3.50 …… i’m still wondering). Had a nice lunch with a bunch of friends, then Mara and I chatted for a good hour and a half, then Rick rejoined us and I made a few stop motion movies and took a few...


To My Car

I was still intrigued with trying out the Claunch 72 Monochrome film, so this morning I decided to just snap a few photos on my way into town. The droplets on the windshield looked awesome, and I love how the photo came out. I think there is an awesome quality of both vintage and darkness in...

Self-o-Mattic Deux Feb14

Self-o-Mattic Deux

I take more pictures of myself than I probably should (although I wouldn’t say i’m a narciscist , sometimes I just want a cool new profile photo!). This morning was trying out the new Claunch 72 Monochrome film that came out, and I have to say out of all the hipstamatic b&w films, it is my favorite. It’s just so harsh and the black is completely unforgiving. I spent some time doing some different faces and poses. ALSO – the last update was awesome. One of my huge complains about HM is that it took so long between photos that sometimes you’d miss a cool moment, but now you can queue up to 10 photos to...