P-Town, P-Funk

P-Town, P-Funk involves a random excursion down to the Portland area with a story wrapped in 90s flashback boat parties, rich islands, sketchy bathrooms, geocaching, George Clinton, aliens, and flatbread!

Under the Bogwalk Jun04

Under the Bogwalk

Yesterday, Beth and I went to the Orono / Bangor bogwalk. It was the first time I had been (a few weeks prior Nikita and I tried going, but it was closed). It was a pretty nice walk and got some nice photos of the area! Overall, impressed!

Memorial Day 2011

Memorial Day 2011 was a fantastic day in the sun. We had gone to Ellsworth for other purposes, but they were closed, so we thought we'd make the best of it, bought some bathing suits (that's where the mannequin was), and headed to Bah Bahbah! We spent the day in the sun, swimming, snacking, and loving life! It was a pretty phenomenal day!

Les Deux Masques

Not a whole lot to say about this one. Caitlin and I were in AC Moore and we decided to try on some lovely masks. They reminded me of the masquerade scene in Labyrinth!


Kelsi’s Trial

So, finally, yesterday, we made a great exchange : I would try beat cake and she would try a poptart. I hate vegetables, so mixing cake and beets together seemed like the original sin. Kelsi did NOT want to try a poptart (it's too manufactured for her!) We did this at FA because some of the students on the VT trip were there. End result : she didn't hate it, and I didn't hate the beet cake! All in all, success?


A La Marchè

The great thing about Hipstamatic is that it is always right there with you for the moments you could've missed if you didn't have another camera! I believe that is the greatest aspect of mobile photography right now! Such an instance was when Nikita, her family, and I were in Wal Mart and we came across this lovely coconut pulp! Fist of all, this is disgusting (I hate coconut), but that isn't where the true interest was to be focused.

Finest Hipsta May15

Finest Hipsta

I have been in the market for some new sunglasses for a while. Part of my reluctance to buy new glasses spans back about 4 years. I found the best sunglasses I have ever owned at the Bangor State Fair. They were great, gunmetal, reflective blue lenses, and generally looked badass! Well, like all great sunglasses, I forgot them somewhere, and they were lost forever! I have lost / broke several more over the years, and haven't found any lately that I really love, until I went to Mardens! Now, typically these are not my standard type of glasses, they are a little hipster / gaga for me, but they were $1.50 and I figured, WHAT THE HECK.

Nikita’s Graduation

Yesterday my very wonderful friend Nikita graduated! Woohoo! Later in the day there was a party at the waterfront in Lincoln, ME, and all gathered to celebrate with friends, family, and cake (even a red velvet one because I was graduated as well!). It was a pretty great time overall and got some nice photos!


Eat Your Heart Out

This year for Mara’s birthday I wanted to get something semi-spooky, yet classy, and I found that very directly on Etsy (they have everything!). I came across these wonderful anatomical screen prints on repurposed dinerware! It was serendipitous to say the least. I ordered the...


Hairly There

I have to dye my hair (I get crazy gray hair even at 25) every few months which always entails the lovely CAP! My hair had gotten pretty long at this point so I took a few photos of what my hair was like in that crazy contraption!



Honestly, it's just some pictures of salt shakers.

The Experiment Station Mar31

The Experiment Station

Some friends and I are in a dinner theater group together and we needed to take some PR photos for our group. Our projects have mostly been within the theme of steampunk / lab / nomadic tavern aesthetics, so we thought the "Experiment Station" (Holmes Hall) on campus would be perfect for this type of shoot. These are just some photos I took of various things within the building as it is a pretty intriguing place to visit!