Faith gave us all flowers as part of the Res-Life training, and my goal is to keep it alive for the summer, so here are some "BEFORE" shots, we'll see how it goes in August when I take more photos of it on the last day of UB!


Parking Fail

Pet Peeve



As the Bridge RC, I get the privildge to work with Miss Sarah MacAlister and we have quite a rediculous time for the most part, but the craziness has already ensued and the students haven't even arrived. We were making decorations for the hall! It's going to be a good summer.

Spider Guy Jun22

Spider Guy

This week, it being staff training and all, the staff are moving stuff into the dorm. I was working on getting the printer all set up and ready to use for the summer. When I was done I got a super greeting from Noah! Eli was around too. After a while Ryan and I played "Spider Guy" with Noah and his magic glove, it was pretty much the cutest thing that happened all day!


This week staff training for Upward Bound has started, with the first day our Resident Life training. I was in charge of planning the day and the first portion of the day was entitled Mub it to Flub it, which was replicants of some of the games found on Minute to Win It. I won't go over the games in depth unless someone wants me to, but let's just say there was an abundance of laughter and amazingness, so just take these pictures "as is".

Dizzy Mummy

For Upward Bound this year, I planned the Res-Life orientation in coordinace to games from Minute-To-Win-It. While setting up the game Amanda worked on her door decs and Katie worked on a scraf. Basically it was an amazing night, I should have taken some more photos, but I just got these couple of Amanda doing "Dizzy Mummy" as we tried to figure out the rules, regardless, I think they are pretty amazing.


I was down in Stonington this past weekend for a funeral, and I figured it was a good chance to take some photos of the island. A few photos are of friends and the sort and others of the area. Some of them I even stopped to take.



We move into the Upward Bound residence hall pretty soon, and Amanda and I went over early to bring some stuff over and to move her in before she headed off to Atlanta (and missed staff training for a lovely conference). Anyways, when we walked into her room, we were met with quite possibly the ugliest wall paper of all time.

Bear Brew Amigos

After work yesterday a bunch of full-time went out to the Bear Brew to just decompress a bit before the week of staff training. For those of you who don't know, I work at a program called Upward Bound that works with low-income, first-generation high school students prepping for college. I was in the program myself as a youngster and now I will be gearing up for my 7th summer as a staff member. It's a terrific program, and takes a great deal of energy, so we just sat on the deck and had some good company.

Thrifting Around

Mullen and I went out thrift shopping because we were at a loss at what we actually wanted to do. I knew there were some ice trays that I wanted at Goodwill, and it was a nice chance to finally meet Katie instead of awkwardly only kind of knowing her. We started with the Hands of Hope Thrift...


Kitschity Kitsch Kit...

Sometimes you can make ugly decor a little cuter.


The Chair

Lori, at work, got a new chair that helps her with her back problems, and yesterday afternoon we decided to have a Friday test-run of the greatness of said chair. I have to say it was more terrifying than a roller-coaster, and equally as unpleasant. Going back in this thing was about as...