A Naval Voyage

While I was visiting my brother over winter break, I was able to get a tour of ship. At first, I wasn’t hugely excited, as I don’t care a ton for boats, and not super invested in the military, but actually being on the ship was more of a modern marvel type of moment than anything else (well, not super modern, but kind of). Just seeing all the equipment and devices was really interesting and I had a lot more fun than I had anticipated. The steps were crazy though – there were a lot of them, and they were super steep! Overall, it was a good experience, and got to see a few places people rarely get to see or be near!

I do think that these are the best photos that I have taken with the mattic so far. It was near impossible to pick my main image, but I just like the framing and sort of goliath feel of the photo above. I have several favorites, but there were so many good ones which is why there are 51 shots in this series!